by Daisy Dexter Dobbs

December 2005
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Christmas was not Caroline McNulty’s favorite holiday. Last Christmas she lost her unfaithful husband, this year she loses her Aunt Helga. Her aunt leaves her a Nordic amulet that promises the desires of her heart. Does one really know their heart? Caroline sure didn’t realize her heart’s desire was the delectably half-naked Viking who showed up on her doorstep. Bless Aunt Helga! Maybe what this holiday needed was a bit of self-indulgence with a Nordic gigolo. Caroline could live with that.

Erik Tryggvason, or Erik the Blonde as Caroline dubbed him, was a Scandinavian Studies professor at the local college. When he showed up at Caroline’s door in Viking garb and speaking broken English, he found himself in a very unique situation. Caroline thought he was there for sex. A common mistake, right? She didn’t know he was actually there asking for help.

The following day Caroline became aware of her mistake and learned that she’d just had a night of mind-blowing sex with her new neighbor. Would he buy that she was the welcoming committee?

When Caroline’s ex showed up at her door, she was more than happy to let Erik play the hero. Herbert and his new wife – who still called Caroline Mrs. Conlon – had come to take the dog. Herbert stayed true to his bullying ways, but Erik was there to keep the ‘rotten buster’ from having his way. It was during this time that Erik recognized Caroline’s amulet. Erik proclaimed their meeting was meant to be, that he was her heart’s wish. Caroline was beginning to like this thing called Viking magic.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs has written a wildly funny Christmas tale, Caroline’s Christmas Viking. Eroticism wrapped in humor, this novel is imaginative and entertaining. The language miscommunication makes for plenty of opportunity for laughter. This compact erotica will leave the reader wishing for some Viking magic of her own.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Rho.

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