by Becky Barker

December 2005
ISBN: 1-4199-0418-3
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Erica Smyth is no damsel in distress. She’s a powerful and enterprising Chicago executive, so when a stranger comes to her rescue at the bar where she is working, Erica is a bit annoyed. However, Ryan Havens is in the mood for a brawl and rescuing Erica from the drunken Turley brothers seems like a fine idea to him.

Though initially Erica resents Ryan’s intrusion and even ungraciously helps him to the doctor’s because of his broken hand, she soon finds herself softening to the handsome cowboy. He’s like nobody she’s met before. Erica’s world view has been shaped by the male executives she has worked with and though she’s currently taking a bit of a vacation from her job, to put her life in perspective, she never counted on becoming intrigued by a cowboy.

When Ryan offers Erica a job at his ranch, she accepts. It is surely better than working at a bar, and she knows she does owe him for his help. Will the close confinement at Ryan’s home allow the natural attraction between Ryan and Erica to blossom, or will hidden secrets prevent Ryan and Erica from finding happiness together?

Chameleons is a winsome contemporary love story that draws readers in with its lively protagonists. Ryan and Erica’s attraction starts off witty and good-humored and continues to grow into a passionate and provocative romance. Their different lifestyles, the city girl and the rancher, leads to many comic moments, along with some true evolution in their characters. Readers will follow this story with eagerness and affection for the characters and even the down home setting.

Reviewed in January 2006 by Sarah.

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