by Kathie DeNosky, Kristi Gold, Laura Wright

December 2005
ISBN: 0-373-28536-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette
Mass Market Paperback

These three incredible writers have given us three incredible stories of love, faith and trust along with a natural disaster to help them along. If you havenít read any of these authors before now is your chance to find three new to you authors.

Kathie DeNosky starts off this anthology with Whirlwind. Kacie is a storm chaser and has just lost her partner a few days before the season starts. Now she is going it alone and now must ask Josh if she can have access to his ranch in order to give chase. It seems there is more than one storm on the horizon besides the weather and possible tornados. Josh will not grant Kacie access to his ranch by herself; if she wants to use his land then she gets him as well as a rider and sidekick. Is the Garrett legacy of finding your true love when you met someone the first time in play here?

Upsurge by Kristi Gold is the next story and has to deal with hurricanes. Marissa isnít sure what she wants to do, stay in the cottage that she loves and reminders her of her father or take the job offer in Chicago. If she takes the job offer then she sells the cottage and also leaves behind the man she has feelings for. Only one problem, they are neighbors and have just been friends. Now Greg is willing to take the chance to find out if Marissa has the same feelings for him as he does for her. Marissa wants a relationship with Greg but wonders just what Greg wants. All of this is happening before, during and after a hurricane. Did I mention that Greg is a doctor and one of the emergency disaster doctors?

Last but no means the least is the story by Laura Wright called Wildfire. Take two stubborn people that had a wonderful weekend together and now donít see or even talk to each other. The reason Nora is a magazine writer and the story she wrote about Gabe, a fire jumper, well isnít what it was suppose to be. A fire is now raging near where Nora lives and after four months of no contact Gabe goes to rescue her. Only he is thinking she isnít there but goes anyway. He is in for a few surprises as she is there and there are some changes about her. Gabe doesnít trust Nora but he is hurt by the revolution that she tells him. Now he must make it to safety and along the way try to learn to trust again from the woman that has his heart. Can they both move forward from the past and learn to live with it?

Taken By Storm deals with three different types of natural disasters and how each hero and heroine deal with them and maybe find true love. Ms. DeNosky gave us a story of finding true love when you least expect it or even have the hope for it. Of finally putting the past to rest and learn to move forward. Ms. Gold gives us a story of decisions and what a disaster has to do with helping make the right decision in the end. Ms. Wright's story is about learning to trust a person with your whole being when you didnít think you could again, especially after the trust had been broken. Each story will have you smiling, maybe even laughing out loud at moments and will having you encouraging them to let go and move forward. After each disaster there is rebirth and out of that rebirth with each story is a tale of love that will concur all.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Pam.