by Connie Mason

March 2006
ISBN: 0-8439-5464-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

London, England 1831

Miss Sophia Carlisle finds herself in the worst predicament any woman could ever imagine! Her scoundrel stepbrother, Rayford, Viscount Caldwell has squandered away the family fortune plus the money that was dowered to him upon wedding his wife, who has since left him. Rather than face debtors’ prison, Ray has “sold” Sophia’s virtue to satisfy the gambling debt he owes slimy Lord Oscar Rigby. Sophia must spend one night in bed with the repulsive Rigby! Sophia is appalled, and rather than surrender to Rigby, Sophia fights him off and flees into the night. Barely one-step ahead of the enraged Lord Rigby and the pursuing night watch, Sophia stows away aboard the Intrepid, one of the ships at the dock. Never in her wildest dreams would Sophia have assumed that the captain of this vessel would be none other then Christian Radcliff, the one man she lost her heart to and never recovered from the scandal it caused!

Seven years earlier when Sophia had made her debut, Chris and his best friend had fought a duel over her, ending in disaster when Christian accidentally killed Desmond! Despising Sophia for what she had made him do, Chris had taken to the sea, and never looked back. Polite society had tossed him out, and he was more then happy to leave. With the discovery of the one woman who could make him lose control of his emotions aboard his ship, Chris realizes he will have to take Sophia with him to Jamaica, as it is too late to turn the ship around. In addition, he senses the deep trouble Sophia is in even though she refuses to confide in him. Chris vows his protection of her. For with Sophia in Chris’ arms, they both get A Taste of Paradise!

NY Times bestselling author Connie Mason’s newest romance A Taste of Paradise just does not live up to her past standards. The story is repetitive in its episodes; Sophia flees Lord Rigby and her ridiculously asinine stepbrother, and then is kidnapped by one, or the other or both repeatedly. You would think these two stooges would learn their lesson! Christian cannot get over his anger at what he thinks Sophia caused him to do, and instead of moving forward, he lives in the past. Resolution of this mediocre story comes across flatly, and leaves the reader wondering why they even bothered!

Reviewed in April 2006 by Bonnie.

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