by Rachel Lee

ISBN: 0-446-60962-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Museum curator Anna Lundgren has just landed the biggest exhibit of her life. Unfortunately, the cursed, jade dagger that is the centerpiece is stolen on the opening night. When a security guard is murdered and Anna is framed for it, she must figure out who took the dagger and why they are killing people before they kill her! Detective Gil Garcia has enough on his plate with an ex-wife who hates him, and a teenage daughter who has a boy friend he hates. However, Gil canít seem to forget Anna and his instincts tell him she is innocent. But who has taken the dagger, and will they come after Anna before he can solve the crime?

Rachel Leeís Under Suspicion is a great read from one of my favorite authors. The book is full of suspense and surprises on every page. The characters are real and likable. The interaction between Anna and Gil, and Gil and his daughter, is sweet and sincere, and the secondary characters make the story flow and provide a bit of comic relief. The plot is fast paced and Lee does not get bogged down in details of the Mayan history she provides. The romance blends seamlessly within the mystery, and the who-done-it remains a surprise until the very end, something this reviewer especially liked. The only down side to Under Suspicion is that the ending seems to be a beginning for a whole new book. It was a little disappointing that the reader does not really find out what happens to Gil and Anna. However, overall Under Suspicion was one of the best books I have read in a long time. This one is a keeper.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Jen.

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