by Delilah Devlin

December 2005
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Noelle Moyaux has a gift, one that can help others but can infuriate her at times. Questioning her ability of sight is something that Noelle is doing more often, and being in the Christmas season doesn’t make it any easier for her. Yet when she hears the thoughts of someone who wants nothing more than a willing woman and a glass of wine before he ends his life, she knows that can’t allow his suffering to continue. Determined to save this man from himself, Noelle sets in motion a meeting that will change her world forever, with Magnus Thornton.

Living for a thousand years without a mate by your side is a lonely existence, and Magnus is tired of his. Determined that he will meet the dawn as it rises, he wants to end his last night on Earth in the arms of a willing woman and Noelle will do nicely. He never expected the feelings that she would stir in his soul or the fact that she makes him think about the ending that he believes will release him from his torment. Will Noelle’s response to Magnus’ dominance be enough to bring him back from the edge, or will loneliness claim the life of another lost soul?

Silent Knight made shivers course through me. Erotically decedent and thrillingly carnal, Noelle and Magnus’ story is enough to make a person self-combust with want. As a vampire junkie I was enthralled with this story, as a reader I was happily wooed with the dominance of Magnus and the feelings the two characters invocated in each other. For a quick, but scorching read, look no further.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Angel.

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