by Jo Leigh

April 2002
ISBN: 0-373-79038-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #34
Mass Market Paperback

He’s handsome, well-liked, oh-so-sexy, and completely unattainable. At least that’s what shy Amelia Edwards thinks of super gorgeous Jay Wagner, the leather-jacketed, hog-riding bad boy that frequents the cyber cafe where she spends much of her down time. Little does Amelia know that Jay has had his eye on her for some time – there is something about her that has snagged his attention and won’t let go. When he sort of ‘accidentally’ stumbles on to her “true confessions” in an on-line chat room – where censorship is not an issue – he’s astounded to realize that he’s the one figuring in her erotic fantasies! Of course, it’s a challenge – he has to make them real!!

This delightful Cinderella-like story features most of the plot elements of a good romance. Amelia is definitely frumpy – her clothes are not flattering and pretty much designed to hide most everything! So it’s lovely to watch as her rising affections for Jay lead her into the wild world of sexy lingerie and tight jeans, and her sexual attractiveness empowers her to be the sensual creature she believes Jay will want! And, as in all good romances, Jay – confronted with a stunning woman – isn’t sure what he wants!!!

But rest assured, this is a Blaze romance – the lovers will find their way around these pitfalls to the required happy ending. This a fun tale – Amelia has a little bit of every woman in her nervousness – haven’t we all felt rather inadequate at one time or another? And Jay is what we’d all like to have riding in front of us on life’s Harley-Davidson!!! For a couple of hours of grown-up fairy tale romance, try Jo Leigh’s Sensual Secrets - you may find a few of your own in there too!!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Celia.

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