by Lynne Connolly

December 2005
ISBN: 1-932866-46-9
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Cassandra was married to Edward the Earl of Rustead. She was deeply unhappy in her marriage until she was visited by the ghost of one of Edward's ancestors who died quite young in battle. She found herself deeply attracted to this early Earl, called Vernon and he returned her feelings but he was a ghost.

I really found all the characters excellent, the evil William who wanted his cousin's title at any cost. He could put a shiver down one's spine just by walking into a room. Edward was a bully and a weakling but not truly evil like William. The author thought out her characters so well that each has his/her own distinctive personality and even the secondary characters are very distinctive in their own right.

Fascinating story. Lynne Connelly manages to weave an excellent time travel/ghost story and make it believable. The plot is very tense at times and it is very much a book that the reader will not want to put down.

Lynne Connelly is a new author to me as I haven't read any of her books before but will definitely be getting her back catalogue if I can get them. She writes with a deep interest in her characters and is excellent at plotting. Her passionate scenes are excellent. She makes it believable for Vernon's ghost to passionately bed Cassandra!

The excellent thing about this book is that the ghost of Edward's brother, Nathaniel gets his story as well! His takes place in the present day so time travel moved up to date! Again it is well written, and an excellent story with the characters coming to life for the reader.

This is like two books for the price of one. Well worth investing in, you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Mary.

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