by Pamela Clare

March 2006
ISBN: 0-8439-5488-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

March 1758

New York Colony

Having lost all that she had held dear in her short life, Lady Anne Burness Campbell suffered the final indignation when her brutal uncle Bain murders her mother and falsely accuses her of thievery. Having her arrested and put in prison, Lord Bain offers Annie one more chance to give in to his evil wishes. When Annie refuses to surrender her virtue to him, all that she has left, Bain takes gleefully cruel pleasure in branding Annie a thief and sending her off as an indentured servant to the savage colonies of America. Resigned to her fate Annie is bought by a frontier family that further humiliates this highborn Scottish lass by beating her and forcing her to do manual labor she never dreamed of having to do in her previous sheltered life. When marauding Abenaki Indians attack the farmstead killing the family Annie was indentured to, Annie flees to the woods.

Hidden behind trees watching at a distance, MacKinnonís Rangers are under orders from the British army they have been pressed to serve to scout and do nothing more. However, their courageous leader Major Iain MacKinnon cannot idly stand by and watch this brave lass, meet certain death! Against his brothersí advisory, Iain orders his men to continue with their mission, that he must try to save the lass, even if it means he will have consequences to face if he makes it back to the fort. Single handedly rescuing Annie from the Indians, Iain makes his way with her through enemy lines back to Ranger Island and the wrath of his commanding officer, Lord William. Iain would do it again in a heart beat, for once having held the lovely Annie in his arms her sweetness is all that this hardened frontiersman needs to become the man he once was before William forced him to serve the crown Iain and his brothers despise. Though sensing there is something Annie is hiding from him and knowing if Iain were to learn the truth of her background he would leave her, Iain and Annie give their hearts and souls to each other in the only course that they can true Surrender!

With a superbly precise depiction of historical accuracy and sensuous story telling, Pamela Clare thrills her readers with another sure to be bestseller, Surrender, the first in a new trilogy. Iain MacKinnon is magnificent! I loved every descriptive page of this brave, and honor bound man. Annie is also outstanding in her role as heroine, combining strength and courage to equal her loverís step for step! I anxiously await the next chapter in this series, Pamela Clare write fast!

Reviewed in February 2006 by Bonnie.

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