by Tori Carrington

April 2002
ISBN: 0-373-25976-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #876
Mass Market Paperback

Suppose you are a Private Investigator, sleeping in a hotel room while working on your first case. You realize that you’ve been woken by someone breaking into your room.... Well, if you’re Ripley Logan, the intrepid heroine of this story, you sneak onto your balcony and jump to the next one, sliding into the room and into the bed of the guy next door. Oh – and you’re stark naked!

Now suppose you’re business man Joe Pruitt (athletic footwear actually) and you’re awoken at some ungodly hour by a magnificently naked woman crawling under the sheets with you... OK guys, you can stop grinning now. It’s fiction!! And fun fiction too! This is the situation Tori Carrington creates for Private Investigations, and the romance is off and running!

Neatly combining a modern detective story with a sensually exciting affair, this story certainly lives up to the “Heat” category under which it is published. Joe proves himself every bit the hero by willingly becoming part of Ripley’s investigations. Ripley, bravely struggling with her first case, is ambivalent about Joe, both in his attempts to help her and his effect on her senses! The actual case takes second place to the growing heat between these two charming people – so stand back and watch the flames erupt!

I recommend this book for fun, for romance, and for a delightfully well-crafted adventure. It’s not memorable literature, but it is a wonderful escapist experience – I’m glad I read it!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Celia.

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