by Nina Bangs

May 2002
ISBN: 0-505-52480-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

It’s the year 2502, and humans have evolved. Well, sort of. They have forbidden violence of any kind, invented just about all the timesaving appliances necessary for their comfort, and have turned into a species that resembles the Coucho-potatus more than Homo erectus! So what’s replaced Monday Night Football? How about Monday Night Sex?

Yep – Monday nights is now the home of the Sex League, with Brian Byrne the star of the Super Bowl of sex!! Satisfying four women at once in the playoff game guaranteed his team a first place finish!! You just have to love the concept!!

But where does a sex god go on vacation? Why, back to trace his heritage, which blanks out at around 2002. Which is where our heroine just happens to be – in Ireland - licking her wounds after a nasty divorce! Ally O’Neill and her eccentric ghost-hunting aunt Katy are vacationing in a little gypsy wagon next to an old castle, which is reputedly haunted. When Brian appears it seems the legends are right, but Ally wouldn’t classify Brian as a ghost – not the way he affects her hormones!

This is an absolutely marvelous story about likeable people doing and saying funny things to each other! I laughed out loud (a lot) at Ally, as she tried to reconcile her newly empowered 'I-am-woman-get-out-of-my-way' self with her old-fashioned, 'I-want-you-between-my-sheets' reaction to Brian. Brian, on the other hand, whose whole life revolves around sex, can’t figure out why Ally is arousing him – something few women have done in his past. Sex is usually just a business – he’s getting the feeling that with Ally it could be a lot more!!

While the themes in this book are quite adult in nature, the book itself is surprisingly innocent – Brian and Ally don’t hop right into the sack and start going at it!! They think, they talk, they hesistate, and we’re right there with them, cheering them on. The assortment of odd characters wandering through this tale are perfectly included – Aunt Katy is a gem, and you’ll love Brian’s Boss – even if you’re allergic!!!

If you are looking for a really good laugh, a warm love story, and some way-out-there plot ideas – then do read this book! Romances don’t get much funnier or more loving than this!!!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Celia.

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