by Evangeline Anderson

December 2005
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When Chloe’s identical twin sister Zoë asks her to dress in her work clothes, pretend to be her and meet her client, Chloe reluctantly agrees. However, Zoë isn’t the investment banker she thought she was – she’s a dominatrix and her “work clothes” are a leather bustier, thigh-high boots and a feather mask. That’s it. Zoë is mote likely to wield a crop than discuss them.

But the “client” Mark Jacobs is not quite what she is expecting. He is more dominant than submissive in his black leather mask. To make matters even more bewildering he prefers to be in control of the pleasure in the bedroom. As confusing as that is, Chloe is not offended by it. In fact it may be time the masks came off.

Ellora’s Cave newbie Evangeline Anderson heats up the pages with this little gem. Sweet and sexy combine to make Masks this fairy tale romance a sure fire keeper. Great pacing, a well-developed plot, and interest grabbing characters keep BDSM love story moving rapidly along. Be aware that the BDSM aspects of the story may not appeal to some readers but the overall romance and development of the characters relationship will interest readers of all tastes.


Reviewed in February 2006 by Cynthia.

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