by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

December 2005
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In the fight for equality, there are always winners and losers. Unfortunately, in war, the reason for the battle is soon lost and madness for control sets in. The Madras of Riochas Prime rose up and fought for equality when they had none. Yet they did not stop there. Infecting innocent male lives, adult and child alike, with a deadly virus, slaughtering countless men in their bloodthirsty quest to raise women into positions of power, the Madras made enemies throughout the galaxy. The Tiogar Clan was one such enemy that the Madras believed they had destroyed. Unfortunately for them, they left one.

Marin Deringnoe, daughter to the Madras leader, knows that she is in trouble when she finds out that the ship transporting her and her friends to the FiŠin womenís prison for their community service is home of the last of the Tiogar Clan, Taegin Drae. Her motherís worst enemy and the man that has been invading her dreams with erotic thoughts meant to seduce her before her arrival. Taegin looks at Marin as a means of revenge against ruthless slaughter of his people at the hands of Neala Acet, leader of the Madras.

Yet fate has another role for both Marin and Taegin to play. Taegin wonít admit it, but Marin causes him to feel things that he shouldnít feel in his quest for vengeance. But it isnít long until both Marin and Taegin have to face the truth of their places in the vast scheme of things. Where once vengeance ran hot, now passion takes its place. But passion alone can not stop the horrors of the past from rearing up to try and destroy a new bond forming for the future. Will Taegin and Marin be strong enough to battle the evil that is trying to destroy them? Or will they allow evil to throw them apart to become Prisoners of the Wind?

I have had the pleasure to read every installment in the Wind Seriesí by Charlotte Boyett-Compo, and I have to say that none have affected me as much as Prisoners of the Wind. With her bold flair of rich scenes and heart wrenching emotional turmoil that she fills the pages with, Charlotte Boyett-Compo causes the reader to feel the highs and lows of the characters. The pain and turmoil that both Marin and Taegin face is breathtaking in its intricateness. At first Marin doesnít inspire feelings of pride from the reader because she seems a little to girly, but she quickly shows the steel that runs throughout her body when it comes to falling to Taeginís will. Fighting toe to toe, she proves that she is an equal in all ways to her deadly and seductive hero. If sci-fi is your genre and you love sceneís that make you sweat, then Prisoners of the Wind is a story not to miss.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Angel.

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