by Sylvia Day

December 2005
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Stephanie Martin has consumed Nicholas James’ lustful thoughts for quite a while now. Unfortunately, she thinks he is nothing but a playboy that will get into anyone’s pants, or so Nicholas thinks. It isn’t until he happens to pick up a personal wish list that just happens to be Stephanie’s, that he knows she wants something from him. Specifically, him in a bow, covering a certain part of his anatomy, and him in other positions that would please the both of them. Now he knows exactly what to give Stephanie as a Secret Santa gift.

Stephanie can’t believe it when she opens the gift from her Secret Santa. Somehow Nicolas had gotten a hold her “naughty” Christmas wish list and wanted to make all of her wishes come true. But Stephanie has been through the wringer before with a man like Nick; charismatic, deliciously sexy, and an attraction that is hard for a woman to resist. But this is Christmas, and it is finally time to work out her lust for Nick once and for all, as long as he is willing to play by her rules. But Nick knows one thing, rules have always been made to be broken, and he is going to fight to win.

Wish List is a wildly erotic and hilariously funny ride. The antics of Nick are enough to make you laugh your head off while panting when it comes to the steamy love scenes. Pain from the past has hardened Stephanie against men like Nicholas; sexy, charismatic, and sinfully decadent. But Nick is not a man that can be easily ignored. The struggle between these two characters is at times heart wrenching and at times thrilling.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Angel.

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