by Julia London

May 2006
ISBN: 0-425-20919-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Five years ago Leah Kleinschmidt was madly in love with her boyfriend, Michael Raney. He was her world, her good luck charm, her very everything, so when he dumped her, she fell apart. The rising Broadway actress lost everything. However, like the proverbial phoenix, Leah rose again.

Fast forward five years and Leah is busy on the set of the new movie she was cast for, War of the Soccer Moms. It’s not the greatest role, just a character role in fact, but Leah has a feeling it could lead to better parts for her. Until, unexpected and out of the blue, Michael shows up on set.

Thrillseekers Anonymous, the extreme adventure team Michael is part of, is coordinating the stunts for the film Leah is working on. Seeing her on set is a definite shock to Michael, but for him, it’s a pleasant, downright amazing shock. The woman he let get away, the woman he has never forgotten, is finally within his grasp again. All he has to do is convince her to give him a second chance, and for the man known as the Extreme Bachelor of the T.A. group, that should be easy as pie.

Leah has some ideas of her own however, and they include avoiding Michael at all costs. Michael is equivalent to heartbreak in Leah’s mind and there’s no way she’ll give him a chance to hurt her again. What does the future have in store for Leah and Michael, when they are at cross purposes?

Extreme Bachelor is the extremely entertaining and glamorous romp from accomplished writer Julia London. This book is truly a heart-wrenching romance. Leah and Michael share some phenomenal chemistry but because of all the heartbreak between them, one wonders if they’ll ever get their happily ever after. Julia London keeps the pace strong and steady with plenty of on-set film antics to break up the more dramatic moments between Michael and Leah. A nice blend of hot and heavy love coupled with quirky dialogue keep Michael and Leah’s love realistic and true to their characters.

This latest adventure in Ms. London’s Thrillseekers Anonymous series is a poignant and thrilling love story that will stir the senses and capture the heart with its verve, dynamic characters, and addictive storylines.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Sarah.

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