by Diana Gabaldon

August 2005
ISBN: 0440221668
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Jamie and Claire time travel and cross-oceans to be together. They are now settled in North Carolina. The everyday strife of just living, and problems of the day are discussed and transpire in depth. They will have to face war against fellow neighbors, death, despair, and the return of a nightmare for Brianna and Roger. Will Jamie and Claire be able to keep the home fires burning?

This story reads more like a history lesson, than a book with premise. There is a lot of telling, but very little poignancy. You learn a lot about how peopled lived in North Carolina in this time period, more than you might like to know. Claire and Jamie Fraser are faced with the political dramas of the time. They struggle to keep the fabric of the families together. Brianna is now married to Roger, and Jemmy is the center of their world. Between the Frasers and the clans, much will transpire and go wrong. Claire is the true backbone of the family. Her strength, a long with Jamie’s undying love, is beautiful. The ending is what redeems this book to a three rose rating.

Fiery Cross is by author Diana Gabaldon. This is the fifth book in the Outlander series. Ms. Gabaldon is a literary genius in the vernacular sense. With Fiery Cross, the lyrical and magnanimous words flooded this novel - overpowering the true nature and contents, to the point of being mind numbing. Her ability to delve deep into the everyday lives of the characters, took on too much weight within this tale of time-traveled lovers. Much of this could have been left out, and this book would have been just as wonderful and compelling. The consistent angelical wording and phrases were there, but did not finger their way into all aspects of this book. Most of the scenes dealing with sex were skimmed over, leaving this reader disappointed. The unbalance was quite noticeable.

Another point that this reader found dissatisfactory about this book is the inability to stand on its own. You have to read all the books in sequence to be able to comprehend and to find fulfillment in this series. A thread this author left dangling and unfurled.

Fans of Ms. Gabaldon will want to pick up this book to be able to understand what is going on, before they read A Breath of Snow and Ashes. Be prepared though, it is a long and tedious road, to revisit the ones you love.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Janalee.

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