by Madison Hayes

November 2005
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Part of the Calendar Girls series, this story introduces us to April and D. Cristopher. As a convenience store clerk, she sees this sexy stranger every morning. They flirt, debate and good-naturedly argue and he inevitably asks her out every single day. She desperately wants to say yes, but she’s seen the type of women he dates and imagines the look of horror that will appear on his face if she ever accepted.

Then one day she can’t resist and takes him up on his offer. He’s definitely shocked, but not in a bad way. Despite having a wonderful night together, April discovers something the next morning which sends her running. Now D. Cristopher has to find a way to explain and bring her back into his life.

The heat is intense between the pair and, though it seems a little rushed for them to sleep together so quickly, I had to keep in mind they’d known each other for more than two years. D. Cristopher is an intense man and I very much enjoyed his take charge attitude during the sex scenes. Fans of this author will recognize Bret from a previous Calendar Girls story.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Jackie.

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