by Sylvia Day

November 2005
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Even though vampires are known to exist, people still think they are a threat and will do anything to stop legislation from going though that will give them rights and privileges. But there are some that will risk everything to make sure that vampires flourish in the universe and are given the same rights and privileges as others, even if it means that they place their lives in danger to have this happen. Interstellar Council Representative Briana Michaels is such a person. Brianaís position in supporting vampire rights and assisting in research that will help them makes her and her family a target. And some people want to stop her by whatever means necessary, even death.

Alexei Night has wanted Briana since the first time he saw her. He admires her determination and her strength. When he is given the task of escorting her back to her homeworld in secret, he jumps at the opportunity, for this maybe the only time that he has a chance to get his hands on her. Protecting Briana becomes his mission, even if it means protecting her from his own mounting appetite. Briana though will have none of that. Alexei makes her feel things that she knows canít go anywhere. But she is determined that she will at least have a taste of the forbidden before she has to finish her mission to save her family. Now they must trust each other when it comes to fighting the evil that waits to destroy all that Briana has worked for, including herself.

Sylvia Day made a splash with her first book in the Dangerous series, and now she will make readers pant with her second installment, Kiss of the Night. Alexei is the hero of dreams. Sinfully sexy, dominantly arrogant, and chivalrous in honor, Alexei is the epitome of hero. I was both intrigued and captivated by this tale of harrowing suspense and erotic pleasure. This is a vampire story that will rock the reader. A definite must buy!

Reviewed in February 2006 by Angel.

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