by Gail Faulkner

November 2005
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Stories of werewolves and vampires are true. They walk amongst humans, blending into their environment. But like human, there are good and bad creatures of the night. Something that human Emma Claybourne is brutally aware of.

Jamie MacKelvin has come the US to witness the union of his cousin and his cousinís mate. What he never expected was to walk into a church and find his own mate, his own human mate. Emma Claybourne doesnít want anything to do with any male, especially an Alpha shifter. Yet she has no control when it comes to her reaction to Jaime. Brutally handsome and thrillingly dominant, Jaime makes Emma forget the terror and pain in her past and focus on the wonderful new feelings and emotions that are going to make her blossom in their future.

The past always has a way of rearing its ugly head and destroying the happiness of others. Not only is Emma the mate to the Alpha Prime, the king of the shifter wolves, but she is also a breeder, one of those rare women who can breed for any shifter without having a mate bond. This means that Jaime will have to be extra vigilant in protecting her from all others. Unknown to them though, there is another plot that threatens that play out and could very well destroy everything they have come to feel for each other and the very world. If Jaime canít bring Emma to let go of the past and place her implicit trust in him, then not only will he lose her, but the very fate of the world may very well be lost.

Jaimeís Cherub is a paranormal erotic suspense that is not to be missed. The pages are filled with mouthwatering Alphaís and take-no-prisoners Alpha females. Gail Faulkner has shown time and again that she is a wonder when it comes to suspenseful writing. Her plots are always so intricately webbed the reader isnít able to guess the true purpose of the plot until they read it. With a dangerous undertone that needs to be experienced to be believed, readers will be captivated and surprised by the time they finish this story. A definite must buy for readers with a thirst for steamy love scenes and nail biting thrills.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Angel.

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