by Susan Mallery

February 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77056-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Penny Jackson knows she has the edge when she goes to interview for the job as chef for The Waterfront restaurant. The Seattle restaurant has not lived up to its early promise and needs someone with her skills and innovation if it is to have a future. She is not intimidated that the interviewer is her ex-husband, Cal Buchanan. Cal would rather be running his own place, The Daily Grind, but he has promised his overbearing grandmother Gloria, the matriarch of the Buchanan family, that he will be general manager of The Waterfront for four months in an effort to save it.

One major item Penny neglects to mention in her negotiations with Cal is that she is pregnant and plans to be a single mother. Cal's reaction after she suffered a miscarriage during their marriage was one reason for their breakup. As Cal and Penny work through the day to day problems that befall a restaurant, they realize they can be friends. Will the heat of the kitchen warm up old feelings or leave them lukewarm?

Penny is appealing in her confidence and strength. She is loyal to her family and friends, but still tries to protect her heart so it won't be broken again. Cal is handsome and strong, but is more engaging as a hero in his struggle to deal with his past and all the emotions he has suppressed. Ms. Mallery is an expert at exploring family dynamics with both clarity and tenderness. The secondary characters, who are part of the Buchanan family and friends, all contribute to the emotional plot.

Delicious is the perfect title for this remarkable romance. The talk of food will make your mouth water and the love story will leave you wanting more. Lucky for us fans, Irresistible , the next book in the Buchanan sibling series will be out in July 2006 and I have no doubts that it will live up to its title.

Reviewed in January 2006 by Roberta.

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