by Bertrice Small

ISBN: 0-373-77116-9
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Mass Market Paperback

In the five years since the Winter War between the Outlands clans and Hetar life has been peaceful for the Clan families. For the fiacre and Lara life has been exceptionally content. Until tragedy strikes in a betrayal most shocking and horrific that once again puts Lara on the path of her destiny alone.

Journeying to Coastal Kingdom and across the sea Lara follows the pull of her destiny to a secret world known as Terah – and a love that will give her wing and bind her as surely as any chain. With the aid of her new stronger magical abilities, Lara lifts an ancient curse from the men of Terah and gains the gratitude and undying passionate love of their ruler Magnus Hawk.

Magnus has never met a woman like Lara: she is strong, outspoken and confident. Her beauty and wisdom have captivated him, so much so that he intends to keep this fascinating woman by his side for the rest of his life. But Gauis Propero's lust for wealth and power, and Lara, has not been slaked. He means to make himself emperor of Hetar gaining his revenge on Lara and the Outlands clans in one fell blow.

The incomparable Bertrice Small revisits the fantastic world of Hetar and the woman destined to shape its destiny. With her lush descriptive voice, Ms. Small brings Hetar and Terah to vibrant life. More hints about Lara’s and Hetar’s unfolding destinies will be clarified in A Distant Tomorrow. This one is a crowd pleaser, people. Run out and get it.


Reviewed in April 2006 by Cynthia.

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