by Emma Holly

September 2000
ISBN: 0-352-33498-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Black Lace Books
Mass Market Paperback

Chloe Dubois is a bitch. A dyed-in-the-wool, sexually manipulative bitch. She’s gorgeous, of course, and wears her sexuality like a sword, using it to inflict damage and pain, along with yearning and a severe case of lust in most of the men within her world.

And, don’t we wish we were her!!! Is there a woman out there who hasn’t dreamed of being able to stun a roomful of men simply with the power of her sexuality? Who hasn’t dreamed of bringing her lovers to the point of agony by a touch or the swipe of her tongue over a full and glistening lower lip? Chloe can do all that, and does, even after she meets and becomes intimately involved with David Imakita, Japanese-American businessman.

Chloe has very good reasons for being what she is, but that doesn’t alter the fact that what she does to David, and Sato his bodyguard, is vicious, cruel, and domineering. She opens her own voyeuristic “fantasy” dinner theater in Vermont (now THAT I’m not sure about, having spent time in that lovely state!), and retains her independence, both financially and spiritually – the word “surrender” is not in this woman’s vocabulary. The games she plays, both sexual and psychological, are destructive and wanton – but, to our enormous satisfaction – she gets her comeuppance!

This is a fascinating tour-de-force; a painfully intimate look at the damaged psyche of a sexually hot babe! Her actions are understandable as her story is revealed, yet she does not become likeable, even though we know where she’s coming from! Once again, Emma Holly has presented an amazingly honest look at real agony, real pain, and real redemption – and yet we cheer the ending of this book and the ultimate realization that none of us is truly alone. A cautionary tale about the strength, power and danger of sexuality gone out of control, and yet one that is enlightening, empowering and a really great read!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Celia.

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