by Lora Leigh

ISBN: 0-425-20964-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Megan Fields, a Sheriff’s deputy, has been hiding from the world long enough. Born with the incredible power to feel the emotions of others, Megan has struggled to live her life with the weight of her burden. In a remote corner of New Mexico Megan’s job as a small-town sheriff’s deputy keeps her sane.

When she stumbles on the scene of a horrible double murder only to then be marked for death herself, Megan begins to get the feeling that her peaceful existence is about to end. The reality of the end of her Eden is punctuated by the news that the brutally murdered couple she came upon in the desert were Breeds—and they had been looking for her. Now, their killers are, too, and the Breed Council and the Bureau of Breed Affairs in the capital mean to make sure that she is protected.

Enter Braden Arness, one arrogant alpha Lion Breed with an addiction to adrenaline rushes. His job is to discover what Megan’s connection to this situation is. What is so special about Megan that would have her marked for death? She may be attractive, have a mean streak and a smart mouth, but none of these is really a valid reason for assassins to be dogging her every move—especially if they are the Council’s Coyote Breeds.

Lora Leigh’s popular epublished Breed series continues in print with Megan’s Mate. The dialogue is quick, the action is fast, and the sex is oh, so hot. Lora’s trademark emotional intensity is dimmed a little but it still gets a hold on your heart. Don’t miss out on this one.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Cynthia.

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