by Karen Robards

May 2006
ISBN: 0399153381
Reviewer Graphic Button Putnam

Sarah Mason, assistant district attorney of Beaufort County, S.C. finds herself in the middle of a convenience store robbery after stopping to pick up a bag of dog food. When things get out of hand after one of the men kills the cashier, Sarah grabs a little girl who’d been hiding in the store and makes a run for the door. Only feet outside the door, she is shot and lies wounded on the ground while the cops deal with the robbers. Since Sarah is representing a woman who has filed a complaint against the cops, she’s not exactly on their good side.

She wakes up in the hospital to find her best friend Jake Hogan in the room with her. She met Jake seven years earlier when she hired him to find her daughter who’d gone missing in a park. He’s been with her through the worst time of her life and he hates that he was never able to find Lexie for her. He also wants to be more than friends, but Sarah is completely clueless to his feelings for her. For the last seven years she has closed herself off emotionally and physically, too guilty to allow any sort of pleasure into her life.

When she receives a phone call in the middle of the night from a girl who sounds exactly like Lexie, Jake has his hands full trying to convince her it couldn’t be her daughter. He’s afraid someone is trying to drive her out of mind, if not actually kill her, perhaps because of a case she is working on.

Though I felt the story started out a bit slowly, with overly detailed descriptions of the town, the pace picks up half way through the book. Despite the seriousness of some of the scenes, there are several humorous scenes to lighten the story up and make the characters come alive. Karen Robards is a definite master of suspense.

Reviewed in May 2006 by Jackie.

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