by Sarah Tucker

January 2006
ISBN: 0-373-89565-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Red Dress Ink
Trade Paperback

Sarah Tuckerís January 2006 release is titled The Younger Man. Ms. Tucker tells the story of divorce attorney Hazel Chamberlayne, who is herself divorced and the mother of a teenaged daughter.

Hazel is about to turn forty. As she gets ready to face this milestone in her life she not only reflects back on her life, but decides to make herself a list of goals she would like to achieve sooner rather than later.

Hazel is fortunate to have good friends who are also turning forty in the same year as she. Each of these friends is at a different stage in her life, and Hazel appears to be the one on whom each leans, and seeks guidance to help her on the path she is now facing. Hazel is more than willing to help each friend, and in turn, it helps her to learn something new about herself that she can take with her to assist other friends, and to decide which direction her life should truly take.

Hazel also seeks advice from an unlikely source; Angie, the woman who gives her periodic bikini waxes. It is with Angie that Hazel unwittingly seeks advice of a sexual nature, and to whom she is most likely to confide any of her self-doubts.

When Hazelís boss brings in a new attorney Hazelís professional and personal life meet in a way she was not expecting. Joe Ryan is younger than Hazel, and the attraction between the two is instant and mutual.

As the older partner, Hazel has to wonder if she should really be persuing a relationship with Joe. As the relationship slowly progresses Hazel gains even more insight into who she is, what she truly wants from life, and what she is willing to sacrifice to be true to herself.

The Younger Man is published by Red Dress Ink, a line most think of as publishing Chick Lit. The Younger Man is a Chick Lit but with the twist of having an older heroine, and one who after a long struggle with her life has attained the ability to be happy with herself and her decisions.

I enjoyed The Younger Man, and the fact that a heroine close to my own age was written about, and that she proved herself capable, and not needing to meet anyoneís expectations but her own.

Reviewed in May 2006 by Sandi.

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