by Kasey Michaels

June 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7117-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

“Play Ball!” The cry that sets the heart jumping inside Tim Trehan, catcher for the Phillies and twin brother of Jack Trehan, hero of Kasey Michaels’ wonderful tale Love To Love You, Baby. But Tim is on a slide – he’s not hitting, he’s making errors, and he’s having awful nightmares about marriage, babies and injuries. It must be the Trehan curse!!

Well of course there isn’t actually a curse, but Tim convinces himself that if he forestalls these disasters then he’ll be OK, and what better way to do that than go right ahead and get married. And who better to marry than his old childhood friend, Suzanna Trent, “good old Suze”, who forgave him for making her eat glue in kindergarten, and loved him silently and painfully right through graduation!!

Tim ends up married to the right woman for the wrong reasons, but trying to get anybody to recognize this fact is impossible!!! Tim and Suzanna are the most delightful hero and heroine! Both are gentle, loving and confused as hell!!! They light fires in bed, and as long as Tim dodges the occasional piece of crockery, have a pretty good thing going – until Tim is caught out, and Suze finds out why he married her!!

Yes, it’s a lighthearted comedy of errors, misunderstandings, poorly timed explanations, pregnant Persian cats, and a major task force of friends and family trying to counsel these two inept lovers! I laughed a lot – Ms. Michaels has captured a little bit of every woman in Suze, especially as she goes through her pregnancy. She also manages to keep Tim Trehan a loveable hero, even though he does some very typical “guy” things. It’s very easy to see why Suze loves him so – we can’t help wanting to hug him ourselves even when he’s being such a jerk!! Jack and Keely and their family make a welcome reappearance, as do Aunt Sadie, Cousin Joey and Bruno. But it’s to Tim and Suze that this book really belongs – their romance will make you laugh, have you holding your breath, and eventually bring a tear of joy to your eye. It’s a wonderful romance – I highly recommend this one for everybody’s keeper shelf.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Celia.

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