by Sydney Somers

November 2005
ISBN: 1-933471-58-1
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Opal Wolfe has lived through a hell that most people wonít understand, and wouldnít be able to make it back from. Opal has made it out; singed but whole. Now her world consists of running her bar, hiding a secret that will change her whole life, and trying to deal with the reawakening of a nightmare that she canít escape from. Unbeknownced to her, an evil is back and it wants to make sure that Opal doesnít stand in his way.

Kaban has been sent to Opal to watch over her, and in return he finally gets his freedom from servitude. He didnít expect the reaction that Opal inspires in his jaded heart or the yearning that quakes through his very being. He does know that unless Opal embraces her destiny, they may not survive to see what happens next. The battle for Earth isnít over yet, and even more is in store for heroic ones that are willing to risk their lives to save it.

Sydney Somers has done it again in the third book of the Watchtowers series, Watchtowers: Fire. Not only does she have a way of capturing the reader with her writing, but she keeps the reader enthralled from beginning to ending with her nerve-wracking, intricately laid plots. Opal is the quintessential loner; tough, aggressive, and determined to always have control. And Kaban is a hero that needs to be experienced to be appreciated and savored. If you love a steamy, sexy, sci-fi to make your day a little brighter, then look no further.

Reviewed in January 2006 by Angel.

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