by Debra Webb

December 2005
ISBN: 0-373-51386-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #72
Mass Market Paperback

If youíve read Silent Weapon you will recognize Merri Walters. This is another story about this incredible woman who didnít let becoming deaf stop her from perusing a new career in law enforcement. She is now a detective for the Nashville Metro Police Department.

Merri and her new partner Ray Patterson have caught a murder case, and it appears to be tied to the Starlet Murders of four years ago. Is it the same guy? Why now after four years is he back? How many more women will be killed before they can stop the guy or guys? Last time there were six woman killed before it suddenly stopped and now the murders are starting to add up.

It seems they are all connected to Lucky Lane Production, which makes videos for country singers. This makes Rex Lane a prime suspect along with his business partner and plastic surgeon Xavier Santos. But can Merri and Ray prove they are the murders when there isnít any evidence to say they are except for Merri and Rayís instincts.

We canít forget Steven Barlow from the first story either. He is the love interest of Merri. She is attracted to him and tries not to let it show as he is now her boss. They both fight the attraction and of course Barlow tries to keep his eyes on Merri as much as he can. They have only shared kisses but will there ever be anything more than just kisses shared between the two of them.

Silent Reckoning will catch you up on what Merri has been doing since we last left her. She was a civilian at that time, now a detective. It seems that Merri might have some trouble with a case she was working on, he might be after her but that doesnít stop her from doing her job and her normal life. Ms. Webb has given us some surprises as well as mystery and murders that seem to take a few twist and turns along the way.

Iím hoping we are able to read more about Merri in future books; it is refreshing to see someone with a disability still make it in the career they really want. Ms. Webb has given enough background that you do not have to read Silent Weapon in order to catch up with the story, but I would recommend it.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Pam.

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