by Sharon Sobel

December 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21718-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Emily Clarkson has a new teaching position, one that she never asked for and one that she really would rather not have, especially after meeting her new employer. A prosperous mill owner, Daniel Lennox, is trying to start a school for his workerís children. Emily expects a country gentleman not an outspoken man who isnít afraid of voicing his opinions, no matter what dangers they may cause.

Daniel, on the other hand, is expecting an old schoolmarm, not a vibrant, snobby Society miss, who thinks more of her fashion that he expects her to feel for his childrení. They are at each otherís throats from day one. However, when danger strikes too close to home, school and the children, they team together to catch a murderer. But will it cost them their lives and a new love that they have found within each other?

A nice historical regency, full of mystery, passion and romance. The characters are very well written and the plot flows along smoothly. A great quick read for a rainy day by the fire.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Debbie.

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