by Cassie Edwards

December 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21711-X
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Mass Market Paperback

Man, beast, and nature live in harmony and balance within the spiritual ways of the Indians. They see things for what they are and not what they might be or can gain. Never taking what they cannot use, and living by a code of honor and trust. If only we had taken a clue from them, maybe things could have been different today…

Marsha Eveland has witnessed the murder of her parents by a band of Indians, led by a one-eyed warrior. She will never forget his face or what he and the others did. Now living with her brother, Edward, the owner of trading post dealing on a daily basis with the people Marsha sees only as the enemy, she will have to learn to forgive, but can she? Along with all that, Edward is intending to married Soft Wind, the sister of Chief, Swift Horse. This is a lot for Marsha to comprehend and deal with.

Swift Horse is the chief of his tribe. From the moment he lays eyes on Marsha, her beauty transfixes him. If only she could look past his heritage, his skin color, to see the true man/warrior he is. Proud, honest, and kind to a fault, this is who Swift Horse is. Can Marsha ever see him as just a man – flesh and blood? Will Marsha ever see the killers caught and made to pay for what they did to her parents?

Swift Horse is the newest release by acclaimed author, Cassie Edwards. Ms. Edwards is known worldwide for her endearing and wonderful written historical/western romances. This reader has spent hours engrossed in one of her many books. Her accuracy and understanding of the correct time periods not only makes her novels entertaining, but a great learning experience as well.

In Swift Horse, this reviewer did have some issues. The premise is one that has been played out so many times that it made this book tedious to read. Parts of the story just did not ring true, in concerns to the characters falling in love so easily, to the dialogues that went on between them, they did not lend this book any credibility. This novel is weedy compared to other’s Ms. Edwards has penned. Even with all this being said, it is a simple and sweet historical that will take you away from your cares, even if for just awhile. There are scenes in the story that will grasp at your heart and make you smile. This reviewer will be looking forward to the next novel Ms. Edwards writes, and hopes that it will transcend this one.

Reviewed in January 2006 by Janalee.

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