by Meryl Sawyer

January 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77063-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Kaitlin Wells serves three years in prison for a crime she didnít commit. Now sheís offered her freedom if sheíll cooperate with the FBI and let them know if anyone contacts her in relation to her case. Sheís given an apartment and a job in her home town of Twin Oaks, and most people arenít happy to have her back. Her family deserted her when she was charged with robbery and she hasnít spoken to them since.

Justin Radner is another native of Twin Oaks and, after being gone for several years, heís back as the new sheriff. Heís got a lot of enemies himself and, like Kat, not everyone is happy heís back. Heís informed that sheís out on a work furlough and makes it his duty to keep an eye on her.

Kat loves working at the small town newspaper and quickly becomes friends with her boss, David Noyes. Just as David and Justin both begin to accept Katís word that she really is innocent, events take place that make her guilt that much more probable.

Kat is a strong woman who has been dealt a really bad hand in life and, as we watch her deal with every blow and come out stronger, she earns our respect as well as compassion. Meryl Sawyer has once again delivered a crafty suspense story blended with a tender romance that is sure to please. While not an edge of your seat thriller, Kat and Justinís determination to fit in where they are not wanted make the book a difficult one to put down.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Jackie.

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