by Amanda Ashley

February 2006
ISBN: 0-8217-7683-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Someone was killing women in the sleepy little town of Pear Blossom Creek. The victims had two things in common: they all had naturally red hair and every drop of blood had been drained from their bodies. It was merely a matter of time until the killer found Victoria Cavendish.

Vicki, as a waitress, had the opportunity to see who came into town. Even so, it would have been impossible to miss the enigmatic, handsome man who had begun frequenting Ozzie’s Diner. Were his arrival not coinciding with the murders of two women, women Vicki had seen him leave the diner with, she may have thought he was an ordinary visitor. If he had not started following her to and from work every day perhaps Vicki would not have spoken more than ten words to him. But he did and she did therefore if there was one thing Vicki knew about Antonio Battista, it was that he was far from ordinary.

Antonio had business in Pear Blossom Creek: find Falco, the vampire Antonio believed to be responsible for murders, avoid the vampire hunter, Tom Duncan and protect Victoria. The unexpected allure she had over him gave Antonio more to add to his list – stay focused and go slow. He couldn’t protect Victoria if he scared her away. Besides, Antonio feared that once she knew what he was then he would lose her forever.

Vicki had not given vampires any thought. To her they were stuff of myths and legends. Three strangers come into her life and suddenly vampires are all she can think about. Were there such things as good vampires? Would she be able to tell the difference? Her very life depended on the answer.

Amanda Ashley has written a tantalizing tale of loving on the dangerous side. Desire After Dark is a thrilling blend of suspense and emotion. Victoria is a heroine a reader can connect with; Antonio is a reader’s fantasy hero. Desire After Dark will cause even the most seasoned reader to catch her breath in anticipation of what will happen next. It is a stand-alone book, but why deprive yourself of the pleasure of reading some familiar character’s stories, like Grigori and Marisa?

Reviewed in March 2006 by Rho.

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