by Tamara Leigh

March 2006
ISBN: 1-5768-3925-7
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Trade Paperback

Adda Sinclaire was an author searching for answers. Looming deadlines, competition, and house politics had overshadowed the thrill of writing. None of which were helping her concentrate on an unfinished manuscript, specifically, a love scene. Adda’s agent advised her to get a love life for inspiration. Unfortunately, the latest efforts proved futile – and with a romance novel cover model no less! Help comes in a manner least expected thanks to a selfless gift.

Nick Farnsworth split from Farnsworth Publishers to start Intrepid, a publishing house where he could implement his own ideas. He wanted Adda to join his team. True, she was impetuous and guided by emotion, but the fact that she could harness that quality to breathe life into her characters was one thing that made Adda a hot commodity...professionally speaking, of course. He liked her voice and knew she would be perfect for what he wanted to accomplish with his new company. It wasn’t until negotiations had begun did Nick realize that Adda would be perfect for him as well.

The attraction Adda felt for Nick left her acting like an awkward adolescent. The day she first set eyes on Nick she’d stuck her tongue out at him. Naturally she had good reason. He was with her nemesis, Birgitta Roth. The woman had stolen Adda’s husband. The trouble between the two women was legendary. Adda didn’t like her even a little bit so when Birgitta accused her of plagiarism Adda was furious. It was going to take more than a new bottle of nail polish to get her through.

Tamara Leigh has turned her pen to Christian Chick Lit and has done it well. Stealing Adda is a hilarious glimpse into the consuming art of writing the best-selling novel. Because of Leigh’s honest portrayal of insecurities and finding faith the reader is able to relate to Adda on all levels. Fans of Leigh’s earlier historicals will need to acclimate themselves because Stealing Adda is not a romance novel. It won’t take long. The same talent that compelled readers of Leigh’s medievals is present in this inspirational novel.

Reviewed in May 2006 by Rho.

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