by Linda Castillo

December 2005
ISBN: 0-425-20720-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Eleven years ago the young lives of Kate and Kirsten Megasonís were forever altered by a random act of violence. Kirsten now lays permanently brain damaged in an upscale convalescent home while her twin sister Kate spends her days getting justice for other victims and families. She can only hope that the day will come when she can receive her own personal satisfaction by seeing the monsters that destroyed her and Kirstenís dreams pay.

Now her job as assistant district attorney offers her the case of a lifetime. The double homicide of the two innocent convenience store clerks should be an open and shut case. The gunman sits in prison awaiting trial and the entire event is preserved on videotape for all to see.

Frank Matrone an ex-cop and military man has his own demons to fight. When he is assigned to help Kate with the case, sparks fly. Frank and Kate prove to be exact opposites and Kate has no desire to let the investigator run the case of a lifetime. Frank however realizes this case is not what it seems and is determined to probe into the case with every resource available until he unravels the real motive behind the deaths.

As the trial date gets closer Kate begins to receive messages related to her own personal attack. Determined to ignore the notes, she keeps the information to herself and continues with her case. However when she ends up injured after being almost run over by a strange car, she knows that someone wants her dead. Has he attacker returned to finish the job he started? Can she trust Frank to keep her secret and keep her alive to go to trial?

Bestselling author Linda Castillo returns with another blockbuster. Her books simmer with the perfect blend of nail biting suspense and finger burning romance. Her books are guaranteed to deliver a story that any reader will devour. It only took me one book to know this was an author who would be on my must buy list for as long as she continued writing. Each and every book only gets better!

Reviewed in December 2005 by Shelby.

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