by Kay Hooper

December 2005 Reissue
ISBN: 1-515-14040-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Authors often describe their characters in living terms. They “speak” to their writers, often clamoring for their own story. I wonder how loudly Drew Haviland had to shout before Kay Hooper gave in.

An intriguing secondary character in Enemy Mine, Drew is an antiquities expert/collector who takes the search into his own hands. This time, the treasure has landed in his lap, and forces him to face the woman who jilted him ten years ago.

Convinced that Spencer Wyatt has burned through her father’s fortune, Drew confronts the socialite with evidence of her latest attempt to wring every last penny from the family coffers. Drew also learns that the fire that drew him to Spencer has only been banked. It flares out of control as he delivers a scathing description of her greedy, cold-hearted flaws.

Spencer Wyatt is barely keeping it together. From the time her mother died when she was sixteen, Spencer has tried to fit into other people’s expectations. Ten years ago she was too young to handle a man like Drew, and she panicked. Now, her father’s illness and financial ruin are forcing her to the breaking point. The last thing she needs is Drew Haviland back in her life.

As Spencer tells Drew that she is going to Austria to look for the fabled Hapsburg Cross, he is skeptical of her motives. Finding the cross was her father’s life-long dream, and it would be nice to think that she is sincere in her desire to please him. Her inexperience in this field could prove dangerous, since Drew can think of several collectors who would literally kill to have the legendary artifact. The only way she is going to succeed is if he goes along. Something is not right about this whole scenario, and Drew’s intuition is working overtime. What if he has been wrong about Spencer?

Reading The Haviland Touch back to back with Enemy Mine brought the characters full circle. The danger, the romance, the adventure all blend into a very satisfying experience.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Paula.

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