by Donna Fleisher

October 2005
ISBN: 0-310-26395-6
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Trade Paperback

Chris McIntyre has relocated from Colorado to Oregon to be near her friend, Erin, and hopefully recover from her fiancťís death, and from the beating she and Erin received at the hands of killers.

But Erinís husband, Scott, fears for Erinís safety when sheís around Chris. After all, if Erin hadnít been in Colorado, she never would have been hurt. And the killers are still at large. As long as Chris is near, then Erinís life is in danger.

When severe storms threaten the Oregon coast, the entire region is in danger from flooding. Chris is assigned to work side-by-side with Scott to try to help with the disaster. Can these two possibly work together with Scott resenting Chris so much? What about when Erin repeatedly ignores Scottís advice to be with Chris? Will Scott be able to keep Erin safe?

Warrior's Heart is the second book in the Homeland Heroes series. I recommend reading the first book, Wounded Healer, first, as Warrior's Heart refers back to events in Wounded Healer frequently. As with the first book in the series, I was a bit disappointed with Warrior's Heart. I still couldnít connect with Chris. I did grow to understand Scottís actions, why he was so over-protective with his wife, and I understood Erinís point of view.

The story is well-written, with plenty of setting, plot, and conversation included. All the ingredients are there to make a page turner with a faith message expertly woven in. The only reason that I really didnít enjoy the book as much as I hoped is that I couldnít connect with Chris at all.

However, maybe you know women who hold themselves back instead of giving their all. In that way, Chris is realistic. I recommend Warrior's Heart if you enjoy reading books about our nationís heroes, about natural disasters, about relationships between men and women, and friendships that survive over the years. Excerpts from the third book in the series, Valiant Hope, are included at the end of the book.

Reviewed in May 2006 by Laura.

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