by Alton Gansky

November 2005
ISBN: 0-310-25936-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Zondervan
Trade Paperback

Mayor Madison Glenn is on the brink of a congressional career . . . if she can stay out of trouble.

Maddyís cousin, Catherine Anderson, is a famous actress, and in Santa Rita, California, to shoot her latest film. She is building a house in her hometown, and invites Maddy over for a tour when Catherineís limousine driver doesnít show up. While taking the tour, Catherine discovers her driverís body in her swimming pool.

Soon it becomes apparent that someone is trailing Maddy and Catherine. Her script revisions have word-for-word the conversation between them moments before they discover the body. Then the star reporter, who was getting an exclusive on the story, is run off the road and is in intensive care of the hospital in a coma. Everyone is under suspicion. Will they find the killer before someone else dies?

I didnít think Director's Cut would be too interesting, since Iím not interested in either politics or acting, but I was immediately drawn into the story line and had to keep reading to find out what happened next.

Written in first person, the reader is instantly privy to all Maddyís thoughts. But we are clearly shown what the other characters are thinking while we may not be in their heads. Director's Cut has a faith message expertly woven together with a suspense that will keep you riveted to the very end.

Director's Cut is the third book in The Madison Glenn series, but it easily stands alone. This is the first book Iíve had the privilege of reading in the series. The others are The Incumbent and Before Another Dies. Pick up a copy of Director's Cut today for a truly wonderful read.

Reviewed in May 2006 by Laura.

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