by Jeanne Savery

April 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7066-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Theresa Marie, daughter of the deposed Comte Saint Omer, is forced to take up smuggling when her familyís fortunes are almost completely destroyed by the French Revolution. Theresa has a will to do something to improve their lives, and that of those dependent on them for their very livelihood, unlike her indolent father who is unprepared for the change and would rather mourn the lost times than face the unpleasant facts. Left with only a yacht, she decides to take up smuggling and is very successful at it. More at home at sea and in menís clothing, Theresa enjoys herself in these daring sailings! But with the end of war, this becomes very risky and especially so when Miles Seward, a formidable English officer gets on her trail.

Many a-times had Miles Seward spotted the mysterious yacht sailing the waters between England and France and he fully well knew it to be involved in smuggling. But his repeated attempts to apprehend the craft have failed. One day, he spots it moored peacefully and decides to pay it a visit. Upon boarding, he is met by the very beautiful and very young female captain, who further astounds him by calmly inviting him to have some wine with her and her crew-mates. Miles is very intrigued by this brash and clever smuggler whose cargo is surprisingly enough - agricultural products! Beset by an unceasing curiosity, Miles decides to ferret out her secrets and motives even as he tries to tell himself that he has no interest in her personally!

Beautifully written, filled with adventure and excitement,love and hot passion, Smugglerís Heart is liable to steal your heart. Jeanne Savery is a wonderful author with a fluid style of writing. With a few deft words, she paints the picture of a bygone era in which a woman's sole aim in life was supposed to be marriage and children and home. Brave and brash Teresa does not fit into this mold and will long remain in my memory as one of the spunkiest heroines I have ever read. Miles thinks himself to be unworthy of love and this underscores all his actions. He is a very human hero and you can easily empathize with him. This is the last book in a series in which the author has written about a set of six friends who are all helped by a white tiger on their journey of love. I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful romantic adventure and look forward to reading more books by Jeanne Savery.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Rashmi.

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