by Merry Stahel

December 2005
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Dea became mother to her cousin Joelle's baby. Sadly her cousin was not a fit mother and used the child as a means to get money from Dea.

Dea decides to go to find the child's father in order to keep him away from Joelle.

Jesse, is not happy to discover he had fathered a child by Joelle, unknown to him as she had left him soon after the affair began. He later married and had a son, but lost them in a fire and became very embittered.

This is a very short book, only 68 pages. But the author makes it a wonderful story that brings tears to the eyes and hope to the heart.

In Dea she created a warm and fiercely protective woman. Jesse, is a sad and lonely man who wants to stay in his own world and hide from love but little Garrett has a way of winning any man's heart and a man who had loved his child finds it hard to resist his first born.

The book has a deeply Christian message that shows the meaning of love.

Secondary characters like pregnant teenager, Heidi who needs a place to stay for herself and the baby she is soon to give birth to, add the meaning of the Christmas message to the tale.

This is a lovely heart warming story that is perfect for the time of year. It tells the story of a man who slowly has his heart opened to love again and a woman who finally finds the haven she needs for the little boy and herself. Jesse and Dea are right for each other.

Reviewed in January 2006 by Mary.

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