by Susan Crandall

January 2006
ISBN: 0-446-61639-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Glory Harrison is the heroine of Susan Crandall’s newest release On Blue Falls Pond. She was born and raised in Dawson, and lived there until the one tragedy that forced her to leave. For two years Glory has been on the search for peace, and unable to find it.

Her grandmother, Tula has never left Dawson and has always had a very special connection with Glory. When Tula’s eyesight begins to fail Glory feels the need to come home and help in whichever way the very independent Tula will allow.

Life in Dawson is much the same as it was when Glory left. However, Glory’s return brings back to life the horrific night that changed her life forever. She has very murky memories of that night and the events that led up to it. As she, returns to Dawson her memories are slowly but surely returning.

Eric Wilson was the firefighter who saved Glory’s life. He had questions about the fire that changed her life, but has allowed himself to be swayed by the evidence instead of delving deep and potentially upsetting everyone’s life. Now two years later with Glory back in town, and her memory coming back that fire and the events leading up to it will continue to haunt both Glory and Eric.

Now someone is not happy that Glory is back and will not be happy until Glory's reputation and that of her family has suffered severe damage. Will Glory stand her ground, and stay or will she tuck tail and run? How will the accusations being flung at Glory affect her relationship with Eric? These are important questions to the story. They are also ones that I will not answer for you.

Susan Crandall has a talent for creating small towns that readers can easily visualize. Her secondary characters are well rounded and full bodied so that a person can easily imagine seeing these people walking down the street.

On Blue Falls Pond is an emotional read that will tug at reader’s heartstrings but in my opinion did not require having the box of tissues handy. I would recommend not reading if you are in a rush as you‘d want to ignore the demands of daily life to continue turning the pages.

Reviewed in January 2006 by Sandi.

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