by Elaine Fox

February 2006
ISBN: 0-06-074060-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Whom amongst us has not dreamt of being awakened with wonderful loving kisses? I do not think any of us can honestly admit to that not being a wonderful fantasy. How would you feel though if you woke to those kisses only to discover they were coming from a dog that you had never before seen? This is the opening of the new romantic comedy Guys and Dogs by author Elaine Fox.

Megan Rose has uprooted her life to return home to Fredericksburg. She has moved in with her father, and plans on taking over Rose’s Animal Hospital. The clientele at the hospital has been dwindling, and Megan is hopeful that she can turn things around and make a new life for herself.

The first step on her new life is going to be having to return a lost puppy that has found its way into her home. According to Baywatch’s tag, he lives at the home of Sutter Foley, founder of SFSolutions. Sutter has become something of a recluse, and claims that the dog does not belong to him, and that he has not ever seen the beast in his life.

Megan strong arms Sutter into taking Baywatch until a home can be found for her, and before Sutter really realizes what is happening he’s finding himself attached not only to Baywatch who gets the new name of Twister, but to Megan herself.

There are several interesting secondary characters both human and animal in Guys and Dogs. Readers will enjoy the interaction between Megan and her new friends. They will be waiting for Sutter to wake up and smell the “roses”, and see just what the lifestyle he has selected for himself has done to his personality.

I have read one previous book by Ms. Fox, and was not overly impressed, however I truly enjoyed Guys and Dogs and found myself reading with every opportunity. I even read in places I would not normally read because I was enjoying the story. I now look forward to her next release.

Reviewed in January 2006 by Sandi.

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