by Jane Shoup

December 2005
ISBN: 0-9737627-7-2
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Andy lost her twin daughters in a school bus

crash and has been grieving sorely since the accident over a year ago. Her remaining daughter Alyssa, is hurting for her and is needing a normal life.

The waves of pain coming from the beginning chapters of this novel really have the power to make the reader cry and ache at the heartache suffered by Andy.

While the character of Andy is very well written and is portrayed sympathetically, I began to feel she was selfish in her grief. Staying up all night sitting on the floor of her twin daughters' room a year after the event, seemed a bit excessive as she was aware that Aylssa was worrying about her so much and had taken to whispering around the house, it seemed like Aylssa was locked in a time warp of grief with her mother, and must have felt like she wasn't as important as the twins had been. Andy was so lucky that this girl, coming close to her teens, didn't rebel on her.

When Andy started visiting the old haunted house that was so full of grief, it seemed the wrong idea for her to wallow in more pain. But being visited by the ghost of the woman who had known pain too, was maybe the turning point Andy needed.

The story is well worth a read but be armed with a box of Kleenex, it is easy to reach for them line after line.

The secondary character of Meg, who is an honorary Aunt to Alyssa and Andy too, is like a breath of fresh air breathing life back into Alyssa and even to Andy. How good it seemed to hear Andy telling Meg that she had had a fun day. The girl was long overdue it!

Andy eventually finds love thanks to her haunted house. But it took till well through the book before it took hold.

Reviewed in March 2006 by Mary.

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