by Mona Gedney, Cindy Holbrook, Mary Kingsley

April 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7283-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

This is a beautiful collection of three charming stories set in the Regency era, which celebrate the joy of a Mother's Love. These tender, heartwarming stories make you realize the power of true love. An excellent gift for any mother!

In A Match For Lady Verity, author Mona Gedney presents Lady Verity, a widow and the mother of two sons, who loves them dearly and is ready to do almost anything for them. But they ask the impossible of her- they want her to marry again. Having been once married to a man not of her choosing, who made her life a virtual prison, Lady Verity has no intention of ever traversing the matrimonial path again, not even for her beloved sons. But the man they present before their lovely mother for her consideration is none other than an old flame of Lady Verity's who had spurned her years ago. Will she yield her rigid stance on marriage, will the flames of love and passion engulf her heart again, or will she be betrayed once again?

This is a wonderful romance, all about second chances. Lady Verity is woman who has taken all that life has dealt her with courage. But life holds more surprises for her. How she comes to terms with it all makes for a unique story you won't want to miss!

Author Cindy Holbrookís The Lady Does Not! is the story of a beautiful and rich young woman, Rosalind Treemont, who has many siblings younger than herself, for whom she cares diligently and regards herself as a surrogate mother to them. So contented is she with her lot, that she does not feel the need for a husband or children of her own. But her retriever, Jessica, is of another mind entirely! The puppy-less dog is forever on lookout to adopt all and sundry and is always bringing them into the barn to mother them. On one surprising day, she brings home a tall, dark and unconscious stranger! When the stranger opens his eyes and he sees Rosalind, itís a case of love at first sight...for him! But Rosalind is not going to lose her heart so soon. Will he be able to change her mind or will he scared off by Rosalindís grandmother who has a dark reputation for murder? Or will his would-be murderers get to him first?

Fun does not begin to describe this engaging story! The author has given it a twist and the guy is the one stricken with love at first sight. Into this mixture, she further throws in bungling murderers, interfering siblings, a dangerous grandmother and a dog with enough love for everyone! All this along with the authorís great style of writing, make it an all-round hit!

The Runaway Duchess by Mary Kingsley is a mature love story in which a couple discovers love after marriage and three children! Katherine, Duchess of Trent, is forever kept busy taking care of her husband with all his political ambitions and three children, all of whom are self-centered brats and they all take her hard work and efficiency for granted. Day after day, year after year, she had endured it. But one day, it all becomes too much for her and she snaps. She leaves home without telling anyone where she is going. But her sudden and unexpected departure sets her self-involved husband, Robert, to thinking and he decides to chase after her! She never expects this and is shocked to find him looking for her. But she is in for an even bigger surprise when her husband shows a sensitivity which she had never suspected and who is determined to woo his wife all over again!

This is one story to which with many women can relate. In the beginning of the story, Katherineís plight is like that of wives and mothers everywhere; her walking out (something all of us have thought of at one point or the other), and her husband - how we all wish our husbands to be! I loved this romantic story and itís Allís well that ends well ending.

Each story in this collection is unique and wonderful. The charming setting and likeable characters make for enjoyable reading.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Rashmi.