by Kat Martin

January 2006
ISBN: 0-7783-2207-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Scandal comes to mind in London society at the mention of the name Danielle Duval. She’d been banished from the genteel circles to the country where she’d resided for the last five years. Now, she was back, albeit unwillingly, and tongues were wagging.

Rafael, Duke of Sheffield, was furious when he saw his former fiancée attending a charity ball. He had loved Danielle and had paid dearly for it. She’d betrayed him with another man, supposedly Rafe’s friend. Rafe was engaged once again, this time logically so, not emotionally. He was finished with love.

Some were optimistic, however, namely Victoria Easton and Grace Sharpe. There was the matter of The Bride’s Necklace to consider. Grace had given it to Rafe as a thank you for saving her life. The women knew Rafe had a good heart so it only stood to reason the man would be brought joy as a result.

Danielle was going to America. She was tired of hiding. Seeing Rafael again had not been easy, though it did make her more determined than ever to leave England. Her refusal to be ashamed and remorseful angered Rafe, but Dani didn’t care. She was angry with him for being so quick to believe the lies about her. Had he truly loved her, Danielle thought Rafe would have believed her and stood for her throughout the ton. Instead, he spurned her. She felt nothing but hatred for Rafael. Danielle wanted to start over in America with a man she’d already agreed to marry.

Jealousy and pain did not blind Rafael as it had five years ago so when Dani accused him of betraying her, he decided to have the matter investigated. He told himself it was only to have the past buried once and for all.

The results shocked Rafe. Danielle’s claim of innocence was verified in the report. Five years had been wasted because of petty jealousies. Rafe wanted to fix the damage done to Dani’s reputation. She’d lost so much due to pointless lies. He’d had a part in it and that Rafe couldn’t deny. When he sought Dani out to make amends he found she had gone to America. Worse, she had gone to be with her fiancé.

If The Necklace truly brought joy then there was no better time to do so.

The Handmaiden’s Necklace is the last installment in The Necklace trilogy by Kat Martin. This outstanding series has been a pleasure to read. The author has managed to make the individual stories stand alone, but this reviewer highly recommends reading each one so you do not miss a thing. There is a freshness Ms. Martin brings to her series so when you meet familiar characters you have the indulgence of getting to know them better. Do not hesitate – read The Necklace trilogy by Kat Martin. It is sure to be a reader’s favorite for years to come.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Rho.

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