by Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy, and Helen Kay Dimon

April 2006
ISBN: 0-7582-0933-9
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Trade Paperback

The bad boys are back in this newest Brava anthology...

In Playing Doctor by Lori Foster, Libby Preston is a hardworking young woman studying to be a nurse, and trying her hardest to get herself out from under her Uncle Elwood’s thumb. While working at one of his parties, Libby catches the eye of a very handsome man. When she goes into the gardens he follows and some very spicy nocturnal activities ensue. Unfortunately, Libby’s mystery man freaks when he discovers she’s a virgin, leaving her high and dry. Libby does her best to put it out of her mind but a surprising encounter soon puts her skin to skin with Axel Dean once again. Is there more to their future this time than a one-time encounter?

Lori Foster is in tip-top shape in this sexy novella. Libby and Axel share a smoldering chemistry, but it is Libby’s cheeky tongue that proves to be Axel’s downfall in this truly enjoyable story.

When Violet Caruthers falls off the back of her boyfriend’s fishing boat and he doesn’t notice she knows it’s the end of their relationship. Swimming helplessly, she is finally rescued by Dylan Diaz...sexy and enticing baseball catcher. He’s got fame, money, and women, so why does he seem fascinated by Violet? Fireworks and passion are not Violet’s forte but with Dylan, it seems that passion is the name of the game in Erin McCarthy’s Lady of the Lake.

Combining Dylan’s lady-killer personality with Violet’s shy façade proves to be magnetic! Not only do they share an intense passion for each other, but a genuine friendship easily develops on the pages, making their love story that much more believable. Erin McCarthy never lets readers down and this story is no different!

Finally, in HelenKay Dimon’s Hardhats and Silk Stockings, Whit Thomas is sick of trading barbs with enticing Hannah Bridges. Now he wants to share some steamy kisses, but Hannah seems quite adverse to his idea, so...he tricks her. Pretending to get locked into a pleasure room at the house they're working on, Whit tries out his sexy flirting with Hannah in order to unlock her heart. But what will Hannah do when she discovers the truth?

This is the first story by HelenKay Dimon that I’ve had the pleasure of reading, but if this novella is any indication, it certainly won’t be my last! Whit and Hannah share a love for buildings and a very ambitious nature that makes watching their similar personalities a lot of fun! Whit is a genuine and caring man and he makes Hannah’s heart go pitter-patter in a big way but learning to express those feelings is tough for her. Personalities collide and hearts emerge victorious in this compelling read.

All in all, When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys proves that Brava’s signature line hasn’t lost its spark yet.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Sarah.