by Susan Kearney

February 2006
ISBN: 0-765-35448-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Tor Books
Mass Market Paperback

The galaxy is once again under attack, not from a people, but a virus. This deadly virus is infecting worlds faster than a cure can be found, and now it is almost too late. The only way to save the galaxy is too find the Perceptive Ones, and obtain a cure from them. The only problem is that the Perceptive Ones havenít been seen for years, and it is not known where they are.

This wonít stop Rystani warrior Xander from doing what needs to be done. All he has to do is too obtain the assistance of Endekian doctor, Alara Calladar, which is going to easier said than done. Alara is currently trying to find a cure for Boktai, a mating heat that causes Endekian women to seek out males for sex, or die. Entering the first stages of her cycle isnít something that Alara really wants to deal with, and definitely not the male that wonít leave her alone. Endekian woman traveling off of the planet is forbidden by Endekian law. Unfortunately for her, not all laws are made to be followed.

Stealing Alara off of Endekian with the Endekian kings permission was not a small feat for Xander. Getting Alara to assist him with his quest is going to be another feat that he will have to perform fast; Alara has finally advised him of her condition, and the faster the two of them can get to the Perceptive Ones, the faster these two sworn enemies can get away from each other.

What these two strong willed people do not know is that they are the pawns in an experiment being played out. And if they can not get along and find the answers that they seek, the very galaxy will be in jeopardy. Not from the virus, but from annihilation.

The Ultimatum blew me away! Not only is it filled with wickedly erotic scenes but the powerful impact of the story is enough to satisfy any reader. This isnít your typical sci-fi romance; it is filled with suspense, danger, intrigue, and deception. Xander and Alara create an explosion of emotion that is sure to thrill readers. The intriguing and elaborate plot keeps the reader hooked from the first page. This is definitely a story that is not to be missed.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Angel.

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