by Melissa Senate

January 2006
ISBN: 0-373-89558-5
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Trade Paperback

Melissa Senate’s newest book, The Breakup Club focuses on four people who are at various stages in their lives.

Lucy Miller-Masterson is trying to do it all. She’s trying to be a super wife and mother, while trying to get a promotion at the publishing house where she works. When she decides to use paper plates for Thanksgiving dinner she sets off a chain of events beyond her wildest imagination. In the end, her husband of twelve years takes her for what she’s hoping is a romantic dinner, but is in fact where he tells her their marriage is over.

Miranda Miller is a single woman who seems to always be the one who gets dumped. She is having a terrible time getting over her latest boyfriend Gabriel, and much to sister Lucy’s chagrin, is living with the hope that he will come to his senses and realize how he needs and loves Miranda. Miranda is also employed at Bold Books.

Christopher Levy, another Bold Books employee is father to one year old Ava. Did he ever expect to be a husband and father? Not really, but when his girlfriend got pregnant marriage seemed the logical step. They were never truly happy, and his wife found someone else who could give her the life she always wanted. Christopher is left being a weekend dad, and having to deal with finding his way in the world of single parenthood.

Roxy Marone has had one boyfriend. They met as young children, and have been together since elementary school. She finally agreed to marry him, because it seems like the thing to do. She wakes up the morning of the wedding and realizes she can’t let life pass her by and that it’s time to do something. However, what is she going to do? Running away seems an easy answer, but where can she run to? When she gets the unexpected call to interview at Bold Books her dreams could be answered.

These four who seem similar yet very different end up bonding over a project for Bold Books, and dub themselves The Breakup Club. The big question is, will they ever find happiness again?

Ms. Senate has written a book that takes us deep into the private lives of the characters, yet doesn’t make us feel like we’re spying on them. Each of the characters is well-written, and truly likeable. In the end, when the four decide that life will move on and they will be better people for what they have endured, you will cheer.

There are many chick-lit authors on the bookstore shelves. Ms. Senate has written several books, of which I have read two. I have totally enjoyed both, and am glad to know that I have others to look forward to. I feel like it’s hard to find a consistent author in the genre, and Ms. Senate is fast becoming a favorite.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Sandi.

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