by Lucy Blue

March 2006
ISBN: 1-4165-1195-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

For years Siobhan had been driven by a hunger for vengeance. Revenge for her parentsí death had ruled Siobhanís life from childhood to adulthood. Now she and her brother, along with the help of disloyal peasants, were ready to take back what had once belonged to them Ė whatever the cost. It didnít matter that the man who occupied the castle was not the same butcher who killed her family. He was still a worthless Norman.

Tristan DuMaine was granted ownership of a wrecked castle. He decided to use all of his assets to build a home for him and his small daughter, Clare. In addition to shrinking funds, Tristan had to battle Siobhan and her brother Sean, along with their renegades, who tried to defeat him at every turn. Though the war was over, Tristanís battle raged on.

Siobhan was willing to do anything to destroy the Norman pig occupying her familial home, even threaten the life of a small child. It proved successful for her. Tristan gave up the fight when Siobhan held a knife at the throat of his little Clare. His daughter was the only person he cared about and he would do anything in order to keep her safe...even marry the hellcat holding his daughter. It pleased him beyond measure to offer his new bride a wedding gift. He swore to stay alive so that he could kill Siobhan. As fate would have it Tristan had a near-death encounter, which enabled him to keep his word.

Tristanís transformation may have solved one problem, but unfortunately, it created more. As he followed the path to Siobhan and Clare, Tristan was being followed by an evil the likes of which heíd never seen.

The second in the Bound in Darkness series, The Devilís Knight by author Lucy Blue is a character study of the dark side of love. Written as a character in and of itself, love is asked to prove itself over and over in this engaging tale set in a violent era with a twist of paranormal. Siobhan is a woman whose hard life trained her to be uncompromising. For the sake of love for her parents she is pushed beyond conceivable limits. Adversity is no stranger to Tristan either. He is willing to face the darkest of demons for love of his daughter. In this sequel to My Demonís Kiss, author Lucy Blue takes the reader on a spine tingling turn as Siobhan and Tristan discover redemption by way of love.

Reviewed in May 2006 by Rho.

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