by Christine Warren

March 2006
ISBN: 0-312-93962-0
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Sullivan Quinn’s duties as guth of his pack have brought him to New York City. He is not only keeper of their traditions, but also an ambassador and negotiator. He has flown all the way from Ireland to attend a critical international meeting of Others. The European Council aims at convincing the American Council that the time has come for the Others to reveal their existence to humans. As he is minding his own business during a dinner, he perceives a beguiling smell...honeysuckle. He can’t help but follow the scent until he finally finds the owner of the enticing fragrance nevermind that she turns out to be a Foxwoman and he ends up chasing her like the Lupine he is...literally.

Cassidy Poe is not interested at all in anything having to do with diplomacy. After all, her parents, both diplomats, were killed while performing their duties. However, her very stubborn grandmother, who happens to be a diplomat and a prominent member of the American Council is determined to drag her in. After surviving an embarrasing chase from a sexy Lupine, she ends up dragged into the middle of what will be the most crucial decision Others will have to make...and to make matters even worse, she is stuck having to work with the Lupine in question, Sullivan Quinn, in a full-fledged investigation involving the disappearance of a human companion to an European vampire, who has been kidnapped. Oh joy...

Christine Warren’s Wolf at the Door is a fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek, witty, and plain fun to read paranormal romance. The first of what will hopefully be a series at St. Martin’s Press, those of you who have been following this author’s work will be delighted to see yet another title added to her extremely popular paranormal book list. Wolf at the Door is fully a stand-alone, it does link to previous related titles, and a couple of the secondary characters will be easily recognized by Ms. Warren’s fans. Although this book is not an outright erotic romance as her previous published work, it has all of the humor and a good deal of sexual tension and spiciness that has become Ms. Warren’s trademark. Both Quinn and Cassidy are fabulous together, and make for very attractive and appealing main characters. Quinn, in particular, is delicious, and Cassidy is a smart yet vulnerable heroine who is extremely likeable. Wolf at the Door will appeal not only to Ms. Warren’s fans but also to those who love a good lighthearted, fast-paced paranormal romance. Once more, Ms. Warren delivers, and I definitely look forward to reading future installments in this series.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Mireya.

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