by Camille Anthony

October 2005
ISBN: 1-59632-064-8
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This book takes place a few months after the end of the first book. Hunter’s cousin Chase needs a mature Breed female NOW and the only one available is Melody, Hunter’s woman. Chase warns Hunter to “mate” with Melody or Chase will have to try and take her away from Hunter!! However Chase did that with a motive! He wanted Hunter mad enough to do exactly that – mate with Melody so Chase wouldn’t be able to touch her regardless of his needs!

Hunter and Melody are living together, giving Melody some time to adapt to her new love and way of life. However Hunter doesn’t think she’s adapting as well as she believes she is! After an argument and a discussion with Hunter, she realizes that she is holding him to the “Human” rules and regulations, which is not fair seeing as he is wulf! She never intended to be a bigot but that’s the way it turned out. Right when they need to be talking about Mel’s “bigotry” Hunter gets a call that he’s needed to fix a problem for the city of San Francisco and what a “problem” it is!! He heads to “work” leaving Melody to think about their situation and her feelings. Then Chase shows up and all Hell breaks loose!

Ms. Anthony gives us another sensuous, sexy, exciting chapter in Hunter and Melody’s story. I wasn’t sure how Ms. Anthony could top her first Werewulf Journals but she did a terrific job!!!! I really enjoyed Melody and Rosa turning the tables on their men and doing what had to be done! This is a fabulous book that is a must read if you like hot Alpha males, lots of excitement, a few giggles and sizzling sex!

Reviewed in February 2006 by PamL.

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